Specialty Freezers

From compact freezers to commercial freezers, there's one that's right for you

The technology behind freezers has grown so much that companies are making freezers smaller and more portable than ever. Commercial freezers are becoming more specialized all the time.

First, let's look at specialty freezers for your home:

Mini freezer

Mini freezers range in size from 1.3 to 3.2 cubic feet and have shelving built into the unit. They're usually upright freezers, not chest freezers, so they can fit under counters easily. Because they're smaller and more compact, they can be suitable for the home bar, office or garage.

This type of freezer is perfect for small items such as ice cubes or medication that needs to stay frozen. To keep these units working as efficiently as possible, they are usually manual defrost only. Because they're small, the defrosting process would be fairly easy to manage.

Some models that are available have locks (perfect for students or to keep children away from any medication), and most models only come in white.

Prices range from $130 to $300, depending on size, color and special features.

Portable freezer

For the camper or road-tripper, a portable freezer is quite possibly the best invention to date. It can make the 2-week excursion into the mountains a lot more pleasant by having frozen food to eat or by allowing these individuals to freeze their "catch" so they can enjoy it later on in their trip.

However, the portable freezer has other equally terrific uses. It will keep medication frozen for medical professionals, including EMS units, nurses and personal use.

Portable freezers can be bulky and can weigh between 27 and 68 pounds, so keep that in mind when you're planning your next camping trip! The volume ranges between 14 quarts (or 21 standard soda cans) and 64 quarts (or 107 standard soda cans).

Most portable freezers currently on the market only need a 12-volt power supply. With a converter, a unit could also run off a household 110-volt supply.

Prices for these units range from a whopping $400 to $1,000.

Commercial freezers

Commercial freezers are used in many different industries for a variety of things. The first industry one would think of is restaurants -- walk-in freezers, bar freezers and ice-makers are the most common freezers used in the food service industry.

Convenience stores also use different types of freezers to store their wares, from ice cream to frozen dinners to bags of ice.

One of the largest freezers that we often don't think about is the transport trailers that carry frozen food to the warehouses.

Commercial freezers will range in price depending on their size, their use and any special features required. Sizes range from .8 cubic feet to 69.1 cubic feet. Prices range from $800 to $6000 as well.

As you can see, the commercial freezer world is large and varied. Know what you want your freezer to do, and chances are there's one out there that will suit your business's needs.

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