Refrigerator Freezers

When a smaller freezer will do

The first refrigerator freezer was sold by Kelvinator in the 1950s, thereby revolutionizing the way we store food. Many advances in technology have occurred since then, as styles and types of units have evolved along with the technology.

There are five popular types of refrigerator freezers currently available on the market:

  • Top freezer, with the freezer above the refrigerator
  • Bottom freezer, with the freezer below the refrigerator
  • Side-by-side, when the freezer is next to the refrigerator
  • Compact, smaller refrigerator with a tiny freezer inside it
  • Sub-zero, a refrigerator with dual refrigeration systems providing clean air flow and making food taste fresher for a longer period of time

The refrigerator freezer is the starter freezer for many people, very often suiting their lifestyles for many years until the number of people in the household grows. The freezer sections have certainly grown in size since the days of the small freezer box inside the refrigerator. The efficiency of refrigerator freezers has improved over the years and has almost made the need for larger, stand-alone freezers obsolete.

Some things to consider when buying a refrigerator freezer

  • A fridge, or refrigerator, is a necessity, so when deciding what you need and have the budget for, consider the state of your refrigerator. For instance, if your refrigerator is almost on its way to appliance heaven but you need a larger freezer, consider purchasing a larger appliance overall. You may find that you can find all the freezer space you need while getting a new refrigerator at the same time.
  • A refrigerator freezer is probably going to be sufficient for a household of two, or if you typically don't buy a lot of food in bulk for your small family.
  • A refrigerator freezer can fit a surprising number of small boxed items and a large number of ice cube trays. Again, it's all about analyzing your grocery shopping habits to make sure you really need that 25 cubic foot freezer in your garage.
  • With the many different styles of refrigerator freezers out there, it may be best to take a "test drive" at a store that has a variety of styles on display. Find out about accessories (baskets, organization aids, ice cube trays, ice making function), the ease of access, and the size of freezer compartment in comparison to the refrigerator compartment.
  • Make sure you measure the space you have for your refrigerator freezer (and factor in space around your unit to allow it room for air to circulate efficiently!). Also consider the direction in which the refrigerator doors will open. Having the doors open into a busy walkway in your home won't take long to become annoying!

A refrigerator freezer is a major buying decision! Do not make an impulsive decision. Take a look and try them out, then sleep on all the information you gathered. Picture the unit you're thinking of buying in your kitchen and see if it will be the best option for your family.

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